Sparkly is the new shiny

Ok, not really.  But my brain is definitely loving sparkles since I started my experiment.  And pink.  Dear lord, the pink.


I bought “binder stickers” at Office Depot the other day.  They are sparkly *and* green, all at the same time, and they only cost $2.  I had to have them.

And now, my laptop has them!  Too bad I can’t see them while working… but the inside of my laptop doesn’t have enough surface area for these stickers.  And everyone else will be able to admire them.

Oh, and the pink.  I’ve wanted a heavy shirt, flannel or corduroy, that I could throw over whatever I’m wearing for a light layer of warmth when I go out for a walk.  LL Bean had just what I wanted, but all in colors I didn’t like.  I ended up with pink.  I don’t wear pink.  (Well, only rarely.)  At the same time I bought a fleecy and a jacket that are both purple.  I do wear a bit of purple already, but put together they were all GIRLY.  And now glitter?

Fortunately, I’m secure enough in my geek-hood and non-girl-hood* to tolerate both glitter and pink.  :)


* Not to say manhood, because that’s technically incorrect and I don’t, in fact, aspire to be a man.  Maybe I mean womanhood, as in grown-woman-hood, the opposite of girliness?


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3 thoughts on “Sparkly is the new shiny”

  1. Discovered your blog from Facebook and love it. Am almost ready to start my own blog, but the prospect is a bit scary!

    1. Hi Jim! Long time no see. :)

      You know, my experience is that starting a blog is easy… No one knows you exist, so you can try anything and see what works, no risk. I didn’t start publicizing my blog until this summer. And then keep posting and you’ll get better at it. I don’t feel like I’m “good” yet, I’m more hit or miss. And I write more blog posts than I post, because they’re not always that interesting.

      All of which is to say, that’s awesome that you’re going to start a blog!

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