An even more brief letter to my brain

Dear BrainOk, analytical mind.  You’re awesome, and you aren’t needed here right now.  You can come back after we put the notebook down.  Heya, Muse, you still here?  Let’s play!

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2 thoughts on “An even more brief letter to my brain”

  1. To analyze or not to analyze. That is a daily question. Today, I need my analytical brain, but I can’t find it right now. Once I find it, I won’t need it for long, so I will send it away as you do with yours. It’s a good strategy!

    1. The letters can work both ways! “Hey Analytical Mind, I need your valuable skills for . Once we finish it, you can go on vacation again!” etc.

      In fact, I’m discovering that when I don’t give brief messages to my brain, I often end up in the wrong headspace and flounder. So I can confidently report that talking to myself improves my performance. 🙂

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