Thinking Ink Press selected to be in the IBPA’s Innovative Voices for 2023 🎊

I’m so excited to report that my small press was selected to be one of five publishers for this year’s Independent Book Publishers Association’s Innovative Voices Program, supporting publishers from marginalized communities.

Thinking Ink Press primarily publishes books relating to disability, writing inspiration and advice, and diverse speculative fiction. We’re currently working on an anthology called The Neurodiversiverse, a collection of short stories, poetry, and art on the theme of neurodivergent people encountering aliens (and having an advantage).

This is the first year the IBPA is offering this program, which was created to recognize the contributions that independent publishers from marginalized groups are making to their respective communities, and help increase the resources available to them.

I’m so excited that this program is going to help us take our publishing to the next level and help this book and our other amazing books be more successful and help or inspire more people.

You can read more about us, the program, and the other four innovative publishers selected for this honor here: