Haven’t made any changes. And it shows. :)

Yep, I have changed nothing here.

But I’ve changed things in the rest of my life. I’m living in a new home, and I’m going to have a new office. And I’m learning to balance my working life with my writing life… and so I hope this will give me more opportunities to improve this site, especially to make it look nice, or at least usable, and to add content.

Meanwhile, there are other things for me to be doing, and I don’t believe anyone is actually visiting this site anyway.

If you do visit, drop me a note, either here: www.lizaolmsted.com, or here: lizawrites.livejournal.com.

Your server is broke.
Tech support can hear your cries.
Here is a hotfix.

Layout troubles… or Why I Hate CSS

Alright, I’ve been working all night, and it’s 4am now. And I’m reasonably certain the layout now looks worse than when I started.

But it now updates when I add a newsy post to my wordpress, and it updates when I post on my blog. I’m quite proud of myself for that. And if I were to add a new welcome-y post, it would replace the current Welcome! description. All very fab.

So if I could figure out how to keep all of my columns balanced, *and* have everything have height at the same time, then I’d be set. I know I’m doing something wrong, because my container divs aren’t as long as the contained divs. I imagine that once I figure that out, then I’ll get to attack the next problem. ;)

Meanwhile, I watched Pitch Black and V for Vendetta tonight. I’ve never seen either one before. I’m not *entirely* certain that I’ve seen them now, but at least I heard them. :)


You’ve reached my website, which is, sadly and unfortunately, still very much Under Construction.  Nevertheless, it looks like something, and it’s beginning to have content.

Look below to see my blog.  Or you can see more of it at lizawrites.livejournal.com.  Below and to the right, you can see the latest news about this site.


Well, I’m updating the site a bit. I changed the theme. I’ve made it so my front page (www.intelligentlizard.com) automatically forwards to my blog (www.lizaolmsted.com), because there’s nothing *on* the front page right now, and I’ve been too lazy to put anything there. :-/ Until I do, it’ll stay this way.

I do have other plans for the site. Once I have some sort of a layout for my main site, I’ll make my wordpress match it. The problem is that I don’t have any sort of layout in mind for my main site. So here we are.

Hello world!

Well, this is my first post. I’ve got my site back up, in the sense that it exists, and is now hosted by dreamhost, but it doesn’t actually have anything at the main index page anymore. Bah. Once I take the time to rescue files from the busted hard drive, I might just have a site again. Or not.