Layout troubles… or Why I Hate CSS

Alright, I’ve been working all night, and it’s 4am now. And I’m reasonably certain the layout now looks worse than when I started.

But it now updates when I add a newsy post to my wordpress, and it updates when I post on my blog. I’m quite proud of myself for that. And if I were to add a new welcome-y post, it would replace the current Welcome! description. All very fab.

So if I could figure out how to keep all of my columns balanced, *and* have everything have height at the same time, then I’d be set. I know I’m doing something wrong, because my container divs aren’t as long as the contained divs. I imagine that once I figure that out, then I’ll get to attack the next problem. ;)

Meanwhile, I watched Pitch Black and V for Vendetta tonight. I’ve never seen either one before. I’m not *entirely* certain that I’ve seen them now, but at least I heard them. :)

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