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A good friend of mine pointed out that it’s not obvious how to subscribe to my blog from my blog’s website. Oh no!

So, now there’s a widget on the right* –> and down a little, called “Subscribe”. I figure Haiku** and my current writing progress*** are far more interesting than being able to subscribe. If you disagree, let me know.

By the way, you can also find me at†. It’s mostly cross-posted from here, but there may occasionally be unique things. If I’m really clever, I’ll find a widget that includes livejournal and picassa for following, not just facebook and flickr.

* Of course, if and when I redesign my layout or theme, it may not be on the right anymore. I’m sure I’ll be smart enough to make sure it’s still obvious.

** Maybe I should add more Haiku.

*** For that matter, I think my wordcounts aren’t actually up-to-date. :-/

† Yeah, I’m working on a better name than “lizawrites”.  It’s lame, but all the ones I like are either taken or too long.  “intelligentlizard”?  Too long.  “purplelizard”?  Taken.  “shinylizard”?  I think that was taken too.  So for now I live with the shame that is “lizawrites”.

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