Hi there!  Welcome to my blog*.  I am Liza Olmsted, reader, writer, and renaissance lizard**.

I blog about whatever catches my attention.  Often it’s food, technology, or my own brain as I train myself to be a full time writer.  But it changes a lot, I never know what’s going to come up next.

I write speculative fiction, but I don’t have any samples for you to read yet.  I’m particularly fond of space, historical fiction, fairies that aren’t as nice as they look, and lately ZOMBIES keep catching my attention.  I don’t know why.

I read a bit of everything, but sci fi and fantasy are my first love.  Also, historical fiction*** seems to press that same other-worldly button in my brain that fantasy does, except it’s the real world and there’s no magic.  Go figure.

I’m fascinated by how the world works and how people work.  Astronomy, linguistics, evolution, philosophy, law, whatever, it’s caught my attention.  I double-majored in Computer Science and History, and then discovered it’s easier to earn a living using the CS than the history.

Also, I have freckles.


* With footnotes.

** er … human.

*** Including fiction written in the past, which means they were contemporary at the time, but are now historical fiction.  E.g. Jane Austen, Oscar Wilde.  And the poetry of Catullus.

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Liza Olmsted

Software QA Manager Emerita, Co-founder & Acquiring Editor at Thinking Ink Press, fiber artist, writer, hiker, cat mattress. ND. she/they, aspec.

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