WordPress Disemvowel Plugin

What’s it do?

This snazzy little plugin removes the vowels from any text encapsulated within [ troll]  [ /troll ] shortcodes.  It’s intended to make troll comments hard to read, rather than just using a smashy hammer of deletion.  However, WordPress doesn’t let you use shortcodes in comments by default, so to enable this plugin for that purpose, you should use a plugin like bbPress2 shortcode whitelist.  Under its settings, you should add “troll” to the allowed shortcode list.  Then for any comment you think is troll-ish, simply edit the comment, add [ troll ] at the beginning and [ /troll ] at the end, and voila!  The comment has been Disemvoweled.

To give credit where it’s due: I used Anne Dorko’s Disemvowel plugin as a starting off point, but I quickly found I needed to try something else entirely.  Thanks to her, I found this handy WordPress forum discussion with suggestions on what to try, and I stumbled around blindly to figure out the rest.  🙂


Here’s what I mean:

[troll]This is a paragraph of text that I’ve disemvoweled.  See?  There aren’t any vowels.  Pretty hard to read, huh? Hahaha.[/troll]

How can I try it?

If you’d like to try it out, or if you have any questions or suggestions or comments, please use the contact form below.

Known Issues

  • You can’t disemvowel comments, because WordPress disables shortcodes in comments for security reasons. Workaround: Install bbPress2 shortcode whitelist and add “troll” (without the quotes) to its list of allowed shortcodes.  Yeah, it has a ton more features that you’re not using.  But at least it works.
  • You need an opening and closing shortcode.  What a pain.  Workaround: Ain’t none.  Sorry.

Other Silly Things to Try

If you’re a developer, you can call disemvowel($string) from anywhere and have it return your $string disemvoweled.

Add the shortcode to your own blog posts.

Other Plugins

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