WordPress Authors’ Word Counts Plugin

What’s it do?

It’s a plugin that will help you keep track of your daily word counts, just like NaNoWriMo does.  Only, it works year-round.  The only graph this plugin offers is a little wordcount bar showing target and current progress,with a title and percentage calculated.  However, because it saves all of your entries, you could create your own graphs to show daily averages, etc.  Also, it supports multiple users, so if your writing group keeps a group blog (like mine does), each person can track their own projects.  It has a configurable sidebar widget and a shortcode to display your projects inline.

What else?

This is a stub page for now.  I need to get screenshots and remember what bugs are still in such that I haven’t wanted to release it yet.  And clean up the code, and make sure it doesn’t clash with anyone else’s namespace.  And learn how to submit a plugin to WordPress.org.

If you have any interest in this plugin, let me know.

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