Liza’s WordPress Plugins

I’ve created a couple of WordPress plugins. I haven’t released them into the wild yet, but this is where you’ll find info about them in the meantime. I’ll release them once I figure out what it takes to release them, and clean up a few things that just aren’t quite right. And make screenshots. And stuff.

Here they are:

  • Disemvowel – removes the vowels from any text encapsulated within the [troll] [/troll] shortcodes.  It’s intended for troll comments, rather than just using a smashy hammer of deletion.  However, you need to enable shortcodes within comments, for which you should use a plugin like BB-thingy.
  • Authors’ Word Counts – Really a whole (tiny) application within the framework of WordPress.  It lets you add nice little word count bars for as many projects as you like, and update those projects with new word counts whenever you like.  All historical counts are stored in the DB, so in theory you could create graphs of progress over time.  However, I don’t have any plans to put in that feature.

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